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What is online board room?

In this article, we are going to discuss what is Room and Board?

Online boardroom: what is it?

In the age of high technologies, it is already considered bad manners to fly to the other end of the country to discuss something with colleagues from another department – this is a huge expense of both money and time.

Online conferences are an excellent alternative – you can create a meeting via audio and, optionally, video communication on the Internet in two clicks and invite colleagues from different parts of the country or even the world to it. The use of video communication in the internal communication of the company significantly saves resources. For this, certain programs or platforms are used.

An online boardroom is a kind of online conference, an event that is held in real-time via the Internet. In order to join the broadcast, the participant needs to install a client program or, if the communication is based on a web application, simply enter a special URL in the browser.

Online boards give businesses a number of opportunities:

  • multilateral conference with audio and video broadcast;
  • demonstration of the computer screen of the broadcast organizer;
  • text chat for participants;
  • real-time demonstration;
  • the ability to save a broadcast recording (optional).

What are the advantages?

Of course, such conferences differ in their features and advantages in comparison with traditional forms of interaction. As for the benefits, they are as follows:

  • Large audience coverage. A wide variety of users can take part in the event;
  • Lack of dependence on geographic location. People living in various cities and even countries can participate in such a conference, which allows you to significantly expand the boundaries of doing business on the Internet. That is, there are opportunities for reaching a new level;
  • You can take part in an online meeting even while at the computer, sitting at home, or at work. In this case, the presence of a computer and an Internet connection is important;
  • Real savings. The Internet allows you to save a lot of money related to the preparation and holding of a conference, which is especially important during a crisis or a period of development. In this case, savings can affect both the organizers and participants of the Internet conference;
  • High efficiency. Those persons who are interested in a specific topic can take part in the event. Thus, it is possible to achieve high efficiency and effectiveness, to achieve activity among the participants, because they are really interested in this event.

Services for conducting the online board room

Today the market of modern technologies offers to its users a great variety of platforms for organizing the online boardroom.  The list of the most popular services includes the following:

  • Azeus-Convene
  • Zoom
  • Boardeffect
  • ClickMeeting
  • Diligent
  • Boardmaps
  • Boardvantage