VoIP headset

Best VoIP headsets

When organizing a call center, the task of selecting the optimal equipment always arises. Let’s consider in this article one of the aspects of this problem – the VoIP headset.

How to choose a headset for a call center?

The equipment itself is responsible for the future capacity and scaling of your call center, its functionality, and reliability. The best choice of equipment for call centers is a choice according to the requirements of the technical task.

The main parameters of headphones for a call center:

  • ergonomics, strength, reliability
  • headphone size
  • ear pads material
  • frequency range
  • sensitivity
  • input impedance (impedance)
  • acoustic protection
  • microphone noise cancellation
  • connection connector type
  • length of cable
  • material of manufacture
  • headset weight

Microphones differ by:

  • focus
  • noise cancellation
  • sensitivity
  • frequency range

Ergonomics means comfortable working with headphones for a long time. This concept includes the design of the headphones, and their weight, and the material of the ear cushions. Ergonomics, durability, and reliability are the main parameters that distinguish professional headphones from household ones. They are designed for intensive round-the-clock operation of operators in call centers, so they should not be tired or harmful to their health.

The best option for call center operators will be headsets with two headphones and noise-canceling functions. You should not save when choosing them, because more expensive headsets have a much longer service life (3-5 years), provide high-quality sound, and are more convenient to use. Professional models of headsets do not cause discomfort from wearing throughout the work shift. They are made of quality materials, flexible, and can fit snugly to the ears. High-quality headsets use special acoustic foam, which provides a noise-absorbing effect.


Best voip headset alternatives

There is a list of top headsets options for the work in offices and call centers:

  • Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless offers superior performance and amazing versatility despite its high price tag. The headset includes a 2.4 GHz wireless base station for lossless audio transmission and an impressive internal range.
  • Plantronics EncorePro 320 QD – professional Customer Service Headset with Plantronics’ proprietary Quick Disconnect – allows you to disconnect your headset from your phone without losing a call or removing the headset from your head.
  • JPL-502S-PB is a professional-grade headset equipped with Sound Defender hearing protection technology. Surround Shield noise-canceling technology in the headset microphone provides a comfortable work in the office environment or when working remotely, suppressing background sounds.
  • The JPL-HAC-2 is an ultra-light, affordable professional headset, specially equipped with an inductive coupler, making it compatible with most hearing aids. Telecoil connection also helps to limit the effect of background noise on sound quality.
  • JPL Connect-1 is a professional headset equipped with a broadband speaker with Sound Shield technology, which protects the user’s hearing from sharp sounds and acoustic trauma. One of the main advantages of JPL Telecom devices is the weightlessness of the structures.