is 7-Zip safe

How to identify that 7-Zip is safe?

In this article, we will consider the main question about the archive program: is 7-Zip safe?

The purpose of using 7-Zip

Archivers are programs that allow you to reduce the file size. Archivers are mostly used to send files via e-mail because they can be used to reduce traffic and combine several files into one archive. In addition, modern programs offer a number of other convenient features, such as setting a password for the archive, splitting a single file into several parts, and so on. A perfect example of such a service is 7-Zip. It is a free archiver program for compressing files and unpacking archives, which works under Windows operating system.


The 7-zip archiver has the following advantages:

  • The archiver is shared, its use is absolutely free;
  • No registration is required to download the program;
  • When using the program does not require activation: no trial test periods – download and use immediately;
  • 7-Zip reduces files more efficiently due to its own compression method;
  • The time spent on compressing or unpacking files via 7-Zip is less than similar programs;
  • Works with many different formats;
  • There is a function to set a password;
  • Can be used as a “conductor”;
  • You can prescribe commands;
  • It is installed on almost all known operating functionality, including Windows and Linux;
  • Works on obsolete computers;
  • Answers to questions that arise when using the program can be found on the official forum;
  • Simple clear interface, convenient for any user;
  • 7-Zip is released in 74 languages.

Is 7-Zip a safe program?

The disadvantage of the 7-Zip archiver is that many people are configured to work with the 7Z format, which is less reliable than ZIP and RAR, and in case of damage is almost unrecoverable.

7-Zip is more secure and allows you to encrypt compressed folders using 256-bit AES encryption. Plus, you have complete control over how you compress files, such as the ability to customize the compression method, compression level, CPU thread usage, and more. As a result, encryption on such processors in the future will have significantly less impact on the entire archiving process as a whole, if, of course, your archived tool supports AES-NI. At the same time, for owners of AMD platforms, the appearance of such sets of processor instructions is only a matter of time

Using the free 7-Zip archiver it is also possible to create many types of archives, however, only 7z and ZIP archives can be set to passwords. Setting a password guarantees reliable information protection.

It also should be mentioned, that ZIP is the easiest way to securely transfer data over the Internet via e-mail. Email is inherently dangerous. If you need to send something by e-mail that contains sensitive information, use a free application such as 7-Zip to create a password-protected ZIP.