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The Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms for Financial Institutions

The Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms for Financial Institutions

The task of ensuring integrity is to ensure the correctness and accuracy of data. The emergence of contradictions is an example of the violation of integrity. Check the main benefits of the virtual data room for financial institutions in the article below.

Help your financial institution with the data room software

Companies are increasingly collecting, storing, and using data. And in order to maintain peak response rates throughout the data layer (which continues to expand), you need to constantly monitor what types of queries the database is responding to and adjust indexes as queries change. With all this, efficiency should not decrease. A reliable way to minimize the negative risks associated with the conclusion of investment agreements and the preservation of funds in the process of their multiplication is a detailed study of the enterprise’s activities by conducting a comprehensive audit, which will include a wide range of issues of both an organizational, legal, and economic nature.

The data room provider for financial institutions is a free solution for sending and sharing large files by email or link for unmoderated consumption. Transfer heavy files and documents to one or more contacts or get a link to share on forums and social networks with a few clicks. The main goals of information security with the data room projectmanagement also include the creation of a set of business processes that will protect information assets regardless of how the information is formatted, whether it is in transit, processed, or at rest, that is, stored in the appropriate databases.

Virtual data rooms for financial institutions reduce costs in several ways. The solution helps reduce the need for manual and custom data discovery and classification, as well as avoiding maintenance costs for personal systems and data-based solutions. Pay only for the resources you use.

What are the main benefits of virtual data rooms for financial institutions?

Take a look at the following benefits of the data room providers for financial institutions:

  1. Redundancy reduction( in the absence of a centralized database, each application will store its data separately).
  2. Ability to securely share data (in the presence of a centralized database, employees of different units can share this data in accordance with their authority).
  3. Ability to enter restrictions to ensure security (with centralized data storage and processing, it is easier to develop and implement rules for restricting access to them).
  4. It provides unlimited bandwidth and downloads.
  5. You will be able to share folders and files immediately after downloading them.
  6. The data room software will allow you to download hundreds or thousands of files simultaneously.
  7. Its powerful and easy-to-use file manager helps you organize your files and documents.
  8. It has a feature that will allow you to share a file with a “One Time Link.” This will prevent the recipient from sharing the link with others.

The validity of the data in the data room provider is determined based on their structure, applied value mask, conditions, and other requirements. For example, if the field contains the names of customers, then it should contain names after depersonalization, but different and better with reference to the gender of the client. Or, if the transaction dates are in a certain range, then the new skewed dates must also fall within this range.

VoIP headset

How to make Snapchat dark mode?

Snapchat regularly introduces new features. Those who constantly update the application, use many new settings and parameters. And what about the dark mode? In this article, we are going to discuss how to make Snapchat dark mode.

What is dark mode?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks, which offers a lot of opportunities to communicate and create original snaps from your photos and videos.

Dark Mode has become one of the design trends of 2019. Over the past few years, many major platforms and applications have released this feature.  When activated, the background of sites and services becomes dark and the font is light. Many developers of applications and mobile applications implement such a custom interface. What aroused the enthusiasm of developers for this feature and what is useful for users to switch to night mode?

This gives a refined color scheme and has its advantages. Therefore, many websites, apps, and smart devices offer dark mode as an additional option. But Snapсhat in this situation is an exception, it doesn’t offer such an alternative.

Apple and Google have become staunch supporters of the widespread introduction of such a custom interface. They emphasized the following benefits of dark mode that include: saving battery power; reducing the strain on the eyes of users; improving the design of sites and applications.

The researchers conducted a test and found that black text on a white background is 26% better when compared to light text on a dark background.

Everyone has their reasons to turn on night mode. Among them – the 5 most popular:

  • save power on your mobile – the brighter the pixel, the faster the phone consumes a charge. The darker the screen, the longer the battery life;
  • the popularity of redesign – a dark background is set because it is fashionable;
  • broken pixels are not visible – black dots are not visible in the dark;
  • prolongation of “life” of AMOLED-screens – the less the pixel is involved, the more it will live;
  • it is more comfortable to read mail and other things in the dark – the white background is striking, the muted black does not dazzle.

How to make Snapchat dark mode?

First of all, Snapchat has not changed in terms of aesthetics for many years. Although it added more features, there is still a familiar color scheme that could be ruined if there was a dark mode.

The activation of the night mode of the screen differs in different systems. If you really want to use the dark mode with Snapchat, even though the company hasn’t released it, there are several ways to do it. Firstly, you need to install a certain application (Nightmare – for iPhone, and Substratum – for Android), and secondly, you need to install the latest version of Snapchat because this one has the dark mode feature. Substratum uses design themes that are downloaded from the Play Market and installed as regular applications. The software itself is free. Topics – almost all paid.

VoIP headset

Best VoIP headsets

When organizing a call center, the task of selecting the optimal equipment always arises. Let’s consider in this article one of the aspects of this problem – the VoIP headset.

How to choose a headset for a call center?

The equipment itself is responsible for the future capacity and scaling of your call center, its functionality, and reliability. The best choice of equipment for call centers is a choice according to the requirements of the technical task.

The main parameters of headphones for a call center:

  • ergonomics, strength, reliability
  • headphone size
  • ear pads material
  • frequency range
  • sensitivity
  • input impedance (impedance)
  • acoustic protection
  • microphone noise cancellation
  • connection connector type
  • length of cable
  • material of manufacture
  • headset weight

Microphones differ by:

  • focus
  • noise cancellation
  • sensitivity
  • frequency range

Ergonomics means comfortable working with headphones for a long time. This concept includes the design of the headphones, and their weight, and the material of the ear cushions. Ergonomics, durability, and reliability are the main parameters that distinguish professional headphones from household ones. They are designed for intensive round-the-clock operation of operators in call centers, so they should not be tired or harmful to their health.

The best option for call center operators will be headsets with two headphones and noise-canceling functions. You should not save when choosing them, because more expensive headsets have a much longer service life (3-5 years), provide high-quality sound, and are more convenient to use. Professional models of headsets do not cause discomfort from wearing throughout the work shift. They are made of quality materials, flexible, and can fit snugly to the ears. High-quality headsets use special acoustic foam, which provides a noise-absorbing effect.


Best voip headset alternatives

There is a list of top headsets options for the work in offices and call centers:

  • Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless offers superior performance and amazing versatility despite its high price tag. The headset includes a 2.4 GHz wireless base station for lossless audio transmission and an impressive internal range.
  • Plantronics EncorePro 320 QD – professional Customer Service Headset with Plantronics’ proprietary Quick Disconnect – allows you to disconnect your headset from your phone without losing a call or removing the headset from your head.
  • JPL-502S-PB is a professional-grade headset equipped with Sound Defender hearing protection technology. Surround Shield noise-canceling technology in the headset microphone provides a comfortable work in the office environment or when working remotely, suppressing background sounds.
  • The JPL-HAC-2 is an ultra-light, affordable professional headset, specially equipped with an inductive coupler, making it compatible with most hearing aids. Telecoil connection also helps to limit the effect of background noise on sound quality.
  • JPL Connect-1 is a professional headset equipped with a broadband speaker with Sound Shield technology, which protects the user’s hearing from sharp sounds and acoustic trauma. One of the main advantages of JPL Telecom devices is the weightlessness of the structures.
is 7-Zip safe

How to identify that 7-Zip is safe?

In this article, we will consider the main question about the archive program: is 7-Zip safe?

The purpose of using 7-Zip

Archivers are programs that allow you to reduce the file size. Archivers are mostly used to send files via e-mail because they can be used to reduce traffic and combine several files into one archive. In addition, modern programs offer a number of other convenient features, such as setting a password for the archive, splitting a single file into several parts, and so on. A perfect example of such a service is 7-Zip. It is a free archiver program for compressing files and unpacking archives, which works under Windows operating system.


The 7-zip archiver has the following advantages:

  • The archiver is shared, its use is absolutely free;
  • No registration is required to download the program;
  • When using the program does not require activation: no trial test periods – download and use immediately;
  • 7-Zip reduces files more efficiently due to its own compression method;
  • The time spent on compressing or unpacking files via 7-Zip is less than similar programs;
  • Works with many different formats;
  • There is a function to set a password;
  • Can be used as a “conductor”;
  • You can prescribe commands;
  • It is installed on almost all known operating functionality, including Windows and Linux;
  • Works on obsolete computers;
  • Answers to questions that arise when using the program can be found on the official forum;
  • Simple clear interface, convenient for any user;
  • 7-Zip is released in 74 languages.

Is 7-Zip a safe program?

The disadvantage of the 7-Zip archiver is that many people are configured to work with the 7Z format, which is less reliable than ZIP and RAR, and in case of damage is almost unrecoverable.

7-Zip is more secure and allows you to encrypt compressed folders using 256-bit AES encryption. Plus, you have complete control over how you compress files, such as the ability to customize the compression method, compression level, CPU thread usage, and more. As a result, encryption on such processors in the future will have significantly less impact on the entire archiving process as a whole, if, of course, your archived tool supports AES-NI. At the same time, for owners of AMD platforms, the appearance of such sets of processor instructions is only a matter of time

Using the free 7-Zip archiver it is also possible to create many types of archives, however, only 7z and ZIP archives can be set to passwords. Setting a password guarantees reliable information protection.

It also should be mentioned, that ZIP is the easiest way to securely transfer data over the Internet via e-mail. Email is inherently dangerous. If you need to send something by e-mail that contains sensitive information, use a free application such as 7-Zip to create a password-protected ZIP.

ss what is Room and Board

What is online board room?

In this article, we are going to discuss what is Room and Board?

Online boardroom: what is it?

In the age of high technologies, it is already considered bad manners to fly to the other end of the country to discuss something with colleagues from another department – this is a huge expense of both money and time.

Online conferences are an excellent alternative – you can create a meeting via audio and, optionally, video communication on the Internet in two clicks and invite colleagues from different parts of the country or even the world to it. The use of video communication in the internal communication of the company significantly saves resources. For this, certain programs or platforms are used.

An online boardroom is a kind of online conference, an event that is held in real-time via the Internet. In order to join the broadcast, the participant needs to install a client program or, if the communication is based on a web application, simply enter a special URL in the browser.

Online boards give businesses a number of opportunities:

  • multilateral conference with audio and video broadcast;
  • demonstration of the computer screen of the broadcast organizer;
  • text chat for participants;
  • real-time demonstration;
  • the ability to save a broadcast recording (optional).

What are the advantages?

Of course, such conferences differ in their features and advantages in comparison with traditional forms of interaction. As for the benefits, they are as follows:

  • Large audience coverage. A wide variety of users can take part in the event;
  • Lack of dependence on geographic location. People living in various cities and even countries can participate in such a conference, which allows you to significantly expand the boundaries of doing business on the Internet. That is, there are opportunities for reaching a new level;
  • You can take part in an online meeting even while at the computer, sitting at home, or at work. In this case, the presence of a computer and an Internet connection is important;
  • Real savings. The Internet allows you to save a lot of money related to the preparation and holding of a conference, which is especially important during a crisis or a period of development. In this case, savings can affect both the organizers and participants of the Internet conference;
  • High efficiency. Those persons who are interested in a specific topic can take part in the event. Thus, it is possible to achieve high efficiency and effectiveness, to achieve activity among the participants, because they are really interested in this event.

Services for conducting the online board room

Today the market of modern technologies offers to its users a great variety of platforms for organizing the online boardroom.  The list of the most popular services includes the following:

  • Azeus-Convene
  • Zoom
  • Boardeffect
  • ClickMeeting
  • Diligent
  • Boardmaps
  • Boardvantage